Thursday, May 31, 2012

Random Post

I don’t do these often, but sometimes there are so many little things (and big ones) going on at one time. So here are some random thoughts I am having today…

-I am glad I am starting to feel like my non-pregnant self. No more sore back, hips, feet, etc! I am 5lbs away from my starting weight in only 2 weeks of having Abigail! I think so much of my weight gain was from swelling, so the pounds have been melting away. I can’t believe it myself. However, I was 15lbs heavier than my IDEAL weight. So there is more to lose.

No more swollen feet!!!

DSC01008-1(rev 1)

-I am so glad that Andrew is back on his nap schedule. He went for several days refusing to take a nap. This led to a very ill boy and mommy! We are back on schedule!

- I am also so thankful that Andrew still LOVES his little sister! I have been waiting for the day when he can’t handle me feeding her and not being able to play with him, but so far he is not holding against her.

DSC00994-1(rev 1)

-We LOVES when daddy finally gets home in the evenings. It makes for some longs days when he is working. As you can tell Abigail likes the soothie paci. Andrew hated these. I hate how big they are!

DSC01001-1(rev 1)

-I am beginning to make a plan to have Abigail totally sleeping in her crib for naps and at night. Currently she is sleeping in her pack and play that is near our bedroom door. With a loud and active little brother she is being awakened too often. Her room is across this house and upstairs, so this was for convenience. However, I know the sooner she is use to it the better. Andrew NEVER got use to his crib. I am thinking with starting with naps and working our way up to night times.

DSC01002(rev 1)

- I am loving the ease of my longer hair. My hair used to be so oily, but luckily do to age I no longer have to wash it every day! I can literally go 3 days in between washing. I also go au natural often!

DSC01010-1(rev 1)             DSC01016-1(rev 1)

-Abigail is now 2 weeks old!! I can’t wait for her to start smiling. Andrew smiled at 4 weeks, so I can’t wait! She is starting to look at us more and have more awake time.

DSC01019-1(rev 1)                                    DSC01027-1(rev 1)

-I am LOVING So You Think You Can Dance!! It has always been a summer favorite!

That is all for now! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun in the Sun!

Sunday evening we enjoyed some time outside! Andrew enjoyed driving his truck, playing in the sprinklers, and watering the flowers.
Riding in his truck
DSC00922(rev 1)DSC00924(rev 1)
Changing clothes to play in the sprinklers and showing me his muscles
DSC00926-1(rev 1)DSC00927-1(rev 1)DSC00929-1(rev 1)DSC00930-1(rev 1)
Abigail bored with all the playing…Me enjoying the warm sun
DSC00935(rev 1)DSC00941-1(rev 1)
Loving the shade of this tree…..enjoying getting to see Abigail awake some.
DSC00945(rev 1)DSC00950(rev 1)DSC00953-1(rev 1)DSC00959-1(rev 1)
Andrew telling me he doesn’t want to wear his wet clothes anymore….so he decides to water the flowers in his underwear
DSC00963(rev 1)DSC00965-1(rev 1)DSC00969-1(rev 1)DSC00971-1(rev 1)
Fun in the Sun!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Getting to Know the Silhouette Cameo

I received my SC in the mail a week ago, but I have been SOOO intimated to use it. I downloaded the software which is very user friendly, but actually using the MACHINE freaked me out. Honestly I really haven’t had the time either. It is amazing how much free time goes out the window when you add another bambino to the mix. Anyway, I FINALLY sat down, read the manual, and got to work. I am so glad I did!! It really is so super simple!!

Look what I have made so far!

I did our last initials along with a border for a silver plate. Love it!

DSC00987-1(rev 1)DSC00988-1(rev 1)

I then added a border on a tray that is in the playroom. I really need something else for the pencils to go in. The green and blue are clashing like crazy! Nothing a little spray paint can’t handle.

DSC00992-1(rev 1)DSC00993-1(rev 1)

All I have at the moment is black and white premium vinyl. I need to purchase different colors, iron on transfers, etched glass paper. So excited!

On a completely different subject, guess who has an outie!! I am so surprised! The umbilical stub fell out yesterday and we have a cutie belly button! Andrew was terrified of the stub and he was glad to see it gone. He said, “LOOK! She has a belly button!”

DSC00991-1(rev 1)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Abigail’s 1st Time at Church

I am so excited about all the first Nick and I will get to experience with another child. It is so fun to go through all of them again. Sunday was Abigail’s first day in church! I hope she grows to enjoy church as much as Andrew does.

Andrew loves taking pictures with Abigail!!

DSC00912-1(rev 1)        DSC00913-1(rev 1)DSC00914(rev 1)                      DSC00916(rev 1)DSC00918-1(rev 1)                                                    DSC00919-1(rev 1)

A rose was placed at the alter for Abigail and I so glad we were able to be there. She was prefect during church and slept the entire time! Praise the LORD! She also slept the whole time in the grocery store after church. She loves her car seat!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sneak Peek

If your a friend on Facebook, then you have probably seen these. Meghan took the cutest pictures of Abigail yesterday!! I am in LOVE with these!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Abigail’s 1st Week Checkup

Yesterday Abigail turned 1 week old! I feel like she has changed so much already. We met with a new pediatrician due to the fact that Andrew’s doctor is no longer seeing patients on a regular basis. I am now taking her to a local family practice and the young doctor was wonderful. He spent a lot of time with her and answered every question I had. I am glad I found someone so close and that is so good! Anyway Abigail’s appointment went well! She lost a few ounces, but the doctor said that it was to be expected. We will go for a weight check at 3 weeks. At birth she weighed exactly 9lbs and yesterday she was 8 lbs 12 oz. Her height remained the same as birth, 21 inches. She is in the 90th % for weight and height. I just can’t believe that! Andrew was and still is around the 25th in height and weight.

So how is she doing?

Height/Weight: 8lbs 12 oz and 21 inches

Eating: She eats about every 2 to 3 hours and takes anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 ounces at a times. She has gone 4 hours at night.

Sleeping: Abigail is going to sleep around 8 or 9pm and waking around 12am, 3am, and 6am. Sometimes it takes an hour and sometimes she hasn’t eaten and gone back to sleep in 30 mins. It just depends. She does go back to sleep after 6 and usually sleeps about 2 more hours, but Andrew wakes around 6. I am doing pretty well on not much sleep!

Eating and sleeping is about I can update on for now. That is about all this girl does! However, she wanted to be WIDE awake while having her picture made today.

She is wore out now!

DSC00910-1(rev 1)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Abigail’s Birth Story

I will try to make this as short as possible, but it is really for my own memory.

Wed @7pm: Went into the hospital and filled out paperwork, blood work, and got into my room. My cervix was checked and I was 2 cm and very thinned out. The nurse wanted wait on the Cervidal because she was afraid I would go into labor in the middle of the night.

Wed. @11pm: Cervidal was inserted and I took an Ambien to help with sleep.

Thurs. @ 3am: started having contractions, nurse gave me some medicine to help with the pain- NOT good! The medicine instantly made me break out into a cold sweat and extremely nauseous. I threw up a few times and they gave me another medicine to help with the nausea. I slept very little…

Thurs. @ 6am: was awaken to get a shower. I was very nauseous and got sick several more times. I was having contractions, but the pain was mild.

Thurs. @ 7 am: went into birthing center to start Pitocin and have my water broken (with Andrew this was a FLOOD, but this time is was just a little every now and then). I was check and was 4 cm- enough for an Epidural!

Thurs. @ 8am: Epidural was given (did not feel any worse than getting an IV-probably better). I immediately had no pain and was very numb from my stomach down.

Thurs. @8-3pm: The Epidural was working wonders, so I visited with family and went in and out of sleep. Checked several times and was progressing about 1 cm an hour. The Pitocin was at its Max.

Thurs. @ 3pm: The Epidural started to only work on one side. Major contraction on my left side for about 45 mins. The epidural was fixed just in time to push.

Thurs. @3:45pm: fully dilated and ready to push. I could feel nothing, but my stomach tense up when I was having a contraction. I pushed for about 30 mins and at 4:22 my precious Abigail entered the world! We were all amazed that she was 9lbs! She stayed in the room the entire time and met her entire extended family and big brother Andrew!

I can not even compare this delivery with Andrew’s. I felt every single contraction with him. The epidural was not strong enough and not given to me until 8 cm. I made sure to demand it early this time. I was not able to visit with anyone or enjoy the experience. I am so glad I had my mom to stay on the nurses about the pain management! Thanks mom!

Other than the night before, Abigail’s birth was wonderful! I could not have asked for anything better!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Home with 2

Today (Tues.) Andrew stayed at home and I am loving having them both together. It is not easy at times,but so worth it. Andrew is adjusting well. He is being very understanding for a 3 year old. I am not able to jump up when he needs something or wants to go outside or upstairs. There are times he has to wait awhile and he actually is doing pretty well. Thankfully he LOVES Abigail! If she cries he is right there beside her and when I am changing her diaper he is there to help! He actually is a big help at times. Today we have went outside and watched Andrew play, had a diaper blow out, played Legos, feed Abigail 3 times and changed her 3 times, had lunch, and are now they are both down for naps at the SAME time! I call that I good start to the day!

First thing this morning-Andrew had to hold Abigail

DSC00874-1(rev 1)

Outfit #1-did not stay on long…we were outside before the diaper blowout

DSC00875(rev 1)                 DSC00876(rev 1)

Outfit #2- peed on during a diaper change

DSC00879(rev 1)

Playing Legos

DSC00880-1(rev 1)DSC00886-1(rev 1)

Snack time and giving mommy some love!

DSC00881-1(rev 1)                             DSC00885-1(rev 1)

Hope your day is going well!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Abigail’s 1st Bath

Sunday we had a bath fit for two! We put a little water in the tub, so Andrew could sit beside Abigail when she had her first bath. She was NOT happy! This was the first time I really heard her cry. We did a quick bath and got her warm again.

Before and During the Bath

DSC00852-1(rev 1)DSC00855-1(rev 1)

After- much better

DSC00856-1(rev 1)                       DSC00857-1(rev 1)

With Mama and Daddy

DSC00861-1(rev 1)                 DSC00862-1(rev 1)

Peaceful Sleep! This is the only kid of paci she will take. She really only takes in when I am trying to get her to wait longer to eat. She is wanting to eat every 2 hours during the day. I am trying to get her to eat more at one time and wait longer.

DSC00863(rev 1)

She has continued to do well at night. She gets a little fussy around her 10-11pm feeding, but once she is asleep she will go 3 to 4 hours between feedings. Last night she ate at 10:30, 2:00, and 6:00. It was wonderful! It does take her about 45 mins. to take 2 to 2 1/2 ounces, but she is doing well for her age! I hope she continues to be good for me.