Tuesday, May 8, 2012

38 Week Appointment and My Little Helper

Well I had my 38 week apt. yesterday and everything went as usual. He did say she had dropped and boy can I feel it! My legs, back, and hips hurt like crazy! I have also had a few Braxton Hicks and more sharp pains that stop me in my tracks.
He told me I would come in next Monday to check my cervix to see if any progress was being made. I will go in Wednesday night to have Cervadil put in place (helps get things started). Thursday morning my water will be broken and Pitocin started. (this is the exact same process I had with Andrew) She will arrive Thursday! I can’t believe she will be here next week. It still doesn’t seem real! Andrew is getting very excited and really seems to understand that she is coming soon.
Andrew even started helping with some house work. He vacuumed for probably 30 mins Sunday and yesterday. So cute and helpful!
DSC00543(rev 1)DSC00544(rev 1)DSC00545(rev 1)

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