Thursday, May 24, 2012

Abigail’s Birth Story

I will try to make this as short as possible, but it is really for my own memory.

Wed @7pm: Went into the hospital and filled out paperwork, blood work, and got into my room. My cervix was checked and I was 2 cm and very thinned out. The nurse wanted wait on the Cervidal because she was afraid I would go into labor in the middle of the night.

Wed. @11pm: Cervidal was inserted and I took an Ambien to help with sleep.

Thurs. @ 3am: started having contractions, nurse gave me some medicine to help with the pain- NOT good! The medicine instantly made me break out into a cold sweat and extremely nauseous. I threw up a few times and they gave me another medicine to help with the nausea. I slept very little…

Thurs. @ 6am: was awaken to get a shower. I was very nauseous and got sick several more times. I was having contractions, but the pain was mild.

Thurs. @ 7 am: went into birthing center to start Pitocin and have my water broken (with Andrew this was a FLOOD, but this time is was just a little every now and then). I was check and was 4 cm- enough for an Epidural!

Thurs. @ 8am: Epidural was given (did not feel any worse than getting an IV-probably better). I immediately had no pain and was very numb from my stomach down.

Thurs. @8-3pm: The Epidural was working wonders, so I visited with family and went in and out of sleep. Checked several times and was progressing about 1 cm an hour. The Pitocin was at its Max.

Thurs. @ 3pm: The Epidural started to only work on one side. Major contraction on my left side for about 45 mins. The epidural was fixed just in time to push.

Thurs. @3:45pm: fully dilated and ready to push. I could feel nothing, but my stomach tense up when I was having a contraction. I pushed for about 30 mins and at 4:22 my precious Abigail entered the world! We were all amazed that she was 9lbs! She stayed in the room the entire time and met her entire extended family and big brother Andrew!

I can not even compare this delivery with Andrew’s. I felt every single contraction with him. The epidural was not strong enough and not given to me until 8 cm. I made sure to demand it early this time. I was not able to visit with anyone or enjoy the experience. I am so glad I had my mom to stay on the nurses about the pain management! Thanks mom!

Other than the night before, Abigail’s birth was wonderful! I could not have asked for anything better!!

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