Saturday, May 19, 2012

Finally Home

We are home with our baby girl! I am so glad we are all back at the same place. I plan on writing her whole birth story, but for now I will tell you about her first days at home. We arrived yesterday around 6 pm. Abigail loved the car and slept the entire way home. That is pretty much all she does! I have rarely seen her eyes.

DSC00806-1(rev 1)                           DSC00807-1(rev 1)

When we arrived Nick left to pick up Andrew and my parents dropped off Duncan. Nick’s parents brought over supper and spent some time with Abigail. We unpacked and sent time with Andrew. He had a bath and got to hold Abigail!

DSC00814-1(rev 1)

He absolutely adores her! He wants to hold her all the time. Andrew actually went to sleep close to his normal time, 9:15. I went to bed right after and Abigail slept in the pack and play in the living room. Nick stayed awake until her next bottle feeding around 11:30. He feed her and came to bed. She awoke again around 3 with a very dirty diaper. I got that cleaned up and fed her. She quickly dosed back off till 6:15 am. She never cried when she woke. She just groaned and whined a little. Andrew woke up while I was feeding her and was very happy to see she was still there. I laid her down in her crib, so Andrew could be loud and play. She slept great and woke again around 11:30 to eat. I tried to keep her awake after she ate, but she wasn’t having it! She is back to sleep in her crib. Andrew is also down for his nap. Sweet serenity!!

Here is a rare picture with her eyes open.  We went outside with Andrew for a little while after the 9 o’clock feeding.

DSC00817(rev 1)              DSC00822(rev 0)

She is a wonderful quiet baby! We can still not get over the fact that she is 9 lbs! So far we are doing great! I am glad to have Nick here to entertain Andrew! He is such a wonderful dad!!


J said...

She is adorable! I can't believe she was 9lbs, either. :-) Andrew looks like he loves already.

I have to ask: Did you use everything you packed in her hospital bag? I'm at a loss of what to pack in Tristan's bag. Lol.

BK said...

So cute!! Glad y'all are home! :-)

Robyn Beele said...

Jamie, NO! The only thing I took out was a gown and a blanket just because they were cuter than what the hospital had. You can really go in with nothing. They provide everything. I only used one set of clothes and tolietries.

Robyn Beele said...

Also I used my boppy and camera of course

J said...

Thanks, Robyn! :-)