Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun in the Sun!

Sunday evening we enjoyed some time outside! Andrew enjoyed driving his truck, playing in the sprinklers, and watering the flowers.
Riding in his truck
DSC00922(rev 1)DSC00924(rev 1)
Changing clothes to play in the sprinklers and showing me his muscles
DSC00926-1(rev 1)DSC00927-1(rev 1)DSC00929-1(rev 1)DSC00930-1(rev 1)
Abigail bored with all the playing…Me enjoying the warm sun
DSC00935(rev 1)DSC00941-1(rev 1)
Loving the shade of this tree…..enjoying getting to see Abigail awake some.
DSC00945(rev 1)DSC00950(rev 1)DSC00953-1(rev 1)DSC00959-1(rev 1)
Andrew telling me he doesn’t want to wear his wet clothes anymore….so he decides to water the flowers in his underwear
DSC00963(rev 1)DSC00965-1(rev 1)DSC00969-1(rev 1)DSC00971-1(rev 1)
Fun in the Sun!!


Funny Guy and His Wife said...

He is so cute! Funny how little boys love taking their clothes off anytime they are outside. My nephew is the same way!!

J said...

He is so durn cute! I love him watering the flowers in his underwear. Too funny.