Sunday, May 20, 2012

Getting into a Routine

We are slowly getting into a new routine around here. We are trying to keep it as normal as possible for Andrew’s sake. He has been very reluctant to take naps and go to bed at night. This hasn’t been a problem for him in a very long time, but now it is a struggle. I am sure he is a little off whack from being away from home for a few days and having someone new in his life. We are trying to just go with the flow which is not easy for me. I am very much a routine and schedule kind of person. They are both sleeping at around Andrew’s nap time, so there is some down time for me. Andrew is going to the sitter’s tomorrow and at least Thursday (Abigail’s doctor apt.). He has been asking to go since I took of work. He misses his friends and I can’t blame him.

Someone has NO trouble taking many naps!

 DSC00830-1(rev 1)

Anyway…yesterday we went over to Nick’s parents to introduce Abigail to his grandmother. Yesterday was her 87th birthday and she enjoyed her “present.” This was the most I have seen her awake.

DSC00831-1(rev 1)DSC00832-1(rev 1)DSC00833-1(rev 0)DSC00834(rev 1)                             DSC00835(rev 1)

This morning we went for a walk outside in the new stroller. It was a bumpy ride around the yard, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

DSC00836-1(rev 1)                       DSC00837(rev 1)

DSC00844(rev 1)

We played for a little while… 

DSC00840(rev 1)                 DSC00841-1(rev 1)

And the men got to work on a swing that Nick got for his birthday…the girls just hung back and relaxed.

DSC00845-1(rev 1)                                       DSC00846-1(rev 1)

Next week we are planning on starting back going to church. It has been a few weeks and that is another routine we can’t wait to get back in. Happy relaxing Sunday!


BK said...

You're doing an awesome job of documenting her first days with photos - love them!

Amy said...

Abigail is so precious. I'm so glad we got to meet her today. I can't wait to hold her again.

Ginger said...

Oh how precious!!! I could pinch her cheeks!!!!!! She is so, so cute!! I know that you are all so full of joy. Andrew will adjust, it'll just take a little time.

Meg said...

Aww, you're making having two children look easy ;) You're blessed, congratulations again! She's adorable and I can't wait to see her!