Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Getting to Know the Silhouette Cameo

I received my SC in the mail a week ago, but I have been SOOO intimated to use it. I downloaded the software which is very user friendly, but actually using the MACHINE freaked me out. Honestly I really haven’t had the time either. It is amazing how much free time goes out the window when you add another bambino to the mix. Anyway, I FINALLY sat down, read the manual, and got to work. I am so glad I did!! It really is so super simple!!

Look what I have made so far!

I did our last initials along with a border for a silver plate. Love it!

DSC00987-1(rev 1)DSC00988-1(rev 1)

I then added a border on a tray that is in the playroom. I really need something else for the pencils to go in. The green and blue are clashing like crazy! Nothing a little spray paint can’t handle.

DSC00992-1(rev 1)DSC00993-1(rev 1)

All I have at the moment is black and white premium vinyl. I need to purchase different colors, iron on transfers, etched glass paper. So excited!

On a completely different subject, guess who has an outie!! I am so surprised! The umbilical stub fell out yesterday and we have a cutie belly button! Andrew was terrified of the stub and he was glad to see it gone. He said, “LOOK! She has a belly button!”

DSC00991-1(rev 1)


Meg said...

OMGosh, that is SO cute!!!!

And I'm loving that machine!!! Can't wait to see what else you create. You should have a ladies craft night this summer :)

J said...

LOL about Andrew and the belly button. How cute!