Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother’s Day Rag Wreath and a New Hobby

DSC00592(rev 1)
One of my favorite projects from Abigail’s nursery is her rag wreath. I just love all the colors, how simple it was, and well it is just so darn cute!
DSC06882(rev 1)
Since then I have made Andrew one for his bedroom door, a smaller one for our kitchen, and now one for my mom for Mother’s day. My mom is so special to me and has taught me so much in life. I really wanted this to be special for her.
DSC06884(rev 1)                                 DSC00037-1(rev 1)
My mom is so special to me and has taught me so much in life. I really wanted this to be special for her. This is now my FAVORITE wreath!! I LOVE the colors and how full it turned out. I made this for her front door, so I put a C for her last name. I went a little button crazy after making the hair bows and how to add them. LOVE it!
*I bought the fabric in the scrap section at Wal-Mart. It already comes in strips of coordinating fabric. Click here to see the package. They also sell these at Hobby Lobby. I have used this fabric for Andrew’s and the kitchen wreath. So easy! I also purchased the ribbon and wooden letter from there.

DSC00591(rev 1)

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Also, I may have ran out and bought more fabric to make my own for our front door. Check it out! I LOVE the bright colors for the summer!
DSC00691(rev 1)DSC00692-1(rev 1)
I also made this for mine and Nick’s mom. I plan on getting them back and adding Abigail’s prints. Click n the picture to read the poem. So sweet!
DSC00690-1(rev 1)
Also I got a huge surprise on Mother’s day! When I woke up (Sunday is my day to sleep in), Nick and Andrew had made pancakes and gave me a new sewing machine! I was so surprised. I have been saying for years that I would love to know how to sew. I guess he felt like with a new baby coming any day that I would have the time. LOL! I am sure I will be able to sneak in a few minutes here and there. I immediately called my mom and asked if she could come over and teach me some basics (threading, bobbins, straight lines, etc.). I think I have the basics down. I can’t wait to get good enough to actually make things!
Here is the mess I have now. I am not sure where the permanent home is going to be. Right  now the dinning room will have to do.
DSC00685-1(rev 1)DSC00686-1(rev 1)
I have been spotting these adorable burps cloths that are created from cloth diapers. I had some on hand and my mom showed me how to make this one.
DSC00687-1(rev 1)
When she left, I made this one. It is not perfect, but pretty good for a first try.
DSC00688(rev 1)
-I have to note that if you keep seeing posts from me, and you KNOW I am in the hospital having a baby, just know that I am not typing these in the hospital. Smile I have scheduled quite a few posts ahead of time. Hopefully I can get my sisterCarrie to interrupt and show pictures of the new arrival on the blog!


Meg said...

Girl, you have been a busy bee! Glad you're getting to enjoy some Andrew time before Abigail! Good luck with everything this week, can't wait to see pictures!!!

Carrie said...

cute and of course you can count on me!