Sunday, May 13, 2012

Small Changes in the Kids Bathroom

So last time I talked about Andrew and Abigail’s bathroom we had painted and that was about it. Well I have made a few small changes since then. Unfortunately we do not have the time to get started on the new vanity or mirrors, but they will come soon!
Some changes to come are a valance for the window and the towel holder will be removed. Notice the new art work! I am so thrilled about how easy and cheap this was! All I bought were the two frames! I had the ribbon and the art work was FREE (see below)!
DSC00651-1(rev 1)DSC00653-1(rev 1)                DSC00654-1(rev 1)
I snagged these FREE printables here after searching on Pinterest.
DSC00656(rev 1)
I decided to add the ribbon and make the two pictures seem to float together. I just hot glued the ribbon to both sides of both frames.
DSC00646-1(rev 1)DSC00649-1(rev 0)
I left a lot of ribbon at the ends for the bow. It was not easy to hang by myself. I recommend having someone help. It is secured at the top of the ribbon and at each frame.
DSC00647-1(rev 0)
I had a little ribbon left and weaved it around the basket of bath toys.
DSC00652-1(rev 1)
I also found this FREE printable on Pinterest and thought the colors would be perfect. I added the fabric to the mat on the frame. It was left over fabric from a rag wreath I made a while back.
DSC00659-1(rev 1)                        DSC00660-1(rev 0)
DSC00661-1(rev 1)
We bought the shower curtain and bath mat at Target a few weekends ago. Even Abigail’s bath seat matches!
DSC00662-1(rev 1)                DSC00663(rev 1)
Now all we need is the new vanity!
DSC00664-1(rev 1)
Notice this? IGNORE the fabric! Nick’s mom gave me this embroidery hoop and I want it to go here, but with a different fabric. I was just testing it out.
DSC00665-1(rev 1)
More changes to come!
4 More Days Till Abigail Arrives!


Melissa said...

Hey Robyn- fellow ga blogger here... Love the updates to the bathroom... We have the same shower curtain for my boys bathroom- LOVE IT!! So excited for u about Abigails arrival soon!! Happy Mother's Day!!

Robyn Beele said...

Thanks Melissa!