Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

I LOVE Sundays! What is not to love? We spent the beginning part doing laundry, packing Abigail’s hospital bag, and making lists of last minute things we need/buy for her arrival. We spent the afternoon playing ball outside. We got Andrew a bat and ball for Easter, but he really didn’t show much interest in it until that afternoon. I pitched and Nick instructed the hitting. He hit a TON of balls by himself! I can’t wait to watch him play little league!

Getting ready to play! He looks so big in this picture!

DSC00514-1(rev 1)

We warmed up by playing a little golf.

DSC00521-1(rev 1)       DSC00522-1(rev 1)      DSC00525-1(rev 1)

Duncan enjoyed the shade…

DSC00523-1(rev 1)

Then it was time to PLAY ball!

DSC00526-1(rev 1)                         DSC00528-1(rev 1)

DSC00529-1(rev 1)

Of course we had to stop and play in the dirt some…the second picture he was telling me how he was going to get the fire out with the hose! LOL!

DSC00534-1(rev 1)                          DSC00536-1(rev 1)

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Amy said...

Dylan has those same shoes! Aren't they great!!!