Friday, May 4, 2012


Wow! I never knew that linking my name and location Kelly’s Korner would cause so much traffic! My stats went through the roof over night! If you are visiting for the first time- WELCOME!! Several people have asked where exactly in North GA do I live and the answer is Hartwell. It is a small town, but I love it! I have lived here my whole life and only went away during college. I am now an almost mom of 2 (baby #2 will arrive on may 17th) and a 5th grade teacher. I would love for everyone to keep coming back to visit!!


Heather said...

I know where Hartwell is! I live in Sautee (just outside of Helen). Nice to meet you!

K and Z said...

Visiting from Kelly's Korner. I live in GA and I'm also a 5th grade teacher. Nice to "meet" you!