Thursday, June 21, 2012

Abigail’s 1 Month Pictures

I finally got around to taking Abigail’s one month pictures. With Andrew, I did a monthly picture with a bear. This time I decided to do a face shot and full body shot with words.
With this shot I will be able to see her facial changes…
DSC01230-1(rev 1)
This was inspired by the pictures I did of Andrew when he turned 3. There was not much to put for this month, but that will change! I did all the words in Picassa (free!).
DSC01318-1(rev 1)
She was being so corporative, so I took many more.
DSC01234-1(rev 1)    DSC01241(rev 1)DSC01273-1(rev 1)                       DSC01274-1(rev 1)DSC01277-1(rev 1)     DSC01281(rev 1)DSC01295-1(rev 1)                  DSC01298-1(rev 1)DSC01309-1(rev 1)     DSC01315-1(rev 1)


Kristin said...

She is precious!! I love the idea of a close head shot and then a full body shot with words!! Great idea!

Meg said...

I LOVE that idea and that first pic, tooooo cute!