Friday, June 8, 2012

Kitchen Tour

I LOVE that Kelly over at Kelly’s Korner is doing house tours! I love looking at other’s spaces and getting some great ideas! I missed last week,but I managed to snap some pictures of our kitchen!

This kitchen was part of our home that we added on a little over a year ago. It is our DREAM kitchen and I honestly love everything about it! It has Nick’s appliances that he loves (I hate to clean them) and the space that I wanted. It  still needs some splashes of color, but we will get there eventually.

On with the tour!

This is the view when you enter the kitchen from the living room. We had the cabinets custom made to our needs. We love the cabinets and counter top space. When we planned the kitchen I was adamant about having a large island that could fit four people.

DSC01078-1(rev 1)

See this large empty wall? I hate it! I am still trying to decide what I want here…buffet, china cabinet, etc. I really want to do a really cute gallery wall of pictures. Maybe one day. Right now it is home to Andrew’s little table. I added the lamp and tray for paper, pencils, and crayons recently. This is a great space for Andrew to play while we are cooking.

DSC01079-1(rev 1)                      DSC01080-1(rev 0)

I also love the appliances, but no one told me how hard it is to keep stainless steel clean! Any suggestions?

DSC01081-1(rev 0)

This door leads to our pantry. Having food in a separate space saves so much cabinet space. Maybe when I get it good and organized I will share it. The cork board is from Home Goods and you can see how I made the paint swatch calendar here.

DSC01082-1(rev 0)

Nick’s lovely stove!

DSC01083(rev 0)

Below is a dry erase dinner menu planner. We love this and use it every week! See how I made it here!

DSC01084(rev 0)

There goes Andrew… love these flowers! They were a gift for Abigail.

DSC01085(rev 0)

Loves these chairs, but they are so high and I am really short. LOL!

DSC01086(rev 0)

View outside from the kitchen.

DSC01087(rev 0)

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

DSC01088-1(rev 0)


Cathy said...

I ADORE your counter tops!!! Great Kitchen!!

Linda said...

Wonderful kitchen! I love all of the counter space!

Ashlee McCrary said...

pretty kitchen! love the paint swatch calendar. my friend said she uses pledge cleaner on her SS fridge & has no fingerprints. worth a try?

Robyn Beele said...

Ashlee thanks! I will have to try that.

Julie said...

I love your kitchen---seriously! And you have lots of great DIY ideas---if only I could find some time?!?!

Natasha said...

I LOVE the paint chip calendar! I so need one of those :)