Friday, June 29, 2012

Letter of the week: C, D, and F

So I said yesterday that I have been slacking on the letter of the week activities, but I did manage to complete a few. I skipped letter E because Andrew knows that letter pretty well.
For the letter C, Andrew made a cloud with cotton balls and a car. He LOVED making the cloud!
DSC01422(rev 1)   DSC01423-1(rev 1)
I told Nick to make a dinosaur with Andrew for the letter D. As you can tell he took me literally! Isn’t it cute!
DSC01424(rev 1)
For the letter F, Andrew glued some goldfish to the letter F. He loves using glue!!
DSC01425(rev 1)
DSC01426(rev 1)   DSC01427(rev 1)
I am loving my summer with both of my children!
DSC01412(rev 1)        DSC01416(rev 0)
DSC01417(rev 1)

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