Sunday, June 10, 2012

Letter of the Week: A is for Apple Stamping

The last activity for the week is a classic! Every teacher knows this apple trick and some may remember doing this in school. If you cut an apple horizontally you can see a STAR! Pretty cool to a 3 year old. Andrew was amazed! After showing him the star, I reviewed what letter starts with apple and he remembered!

DSC01163-1(rev 1)

Then we were on to the apple stamping part. For this activity you will need paint (red, green, or yellow), paper, half an apple (eat the other half!), and a paper plate.

DSC01162-1(rev 0)

Andrew pressed the apple into the paint and stamped it onto the paper. He quickly noticed we were making circles and they were green! It is suppose to show the star the apple we had did not work. Oh well! We still had fun!

DSC01165-1(rev 0)DSC01167-1(rev 0)

Andrew then wanted to paint with a brush. I wrote Aa’s on the paper and he painted over them.

DSC01166-1(rev 0)DSC01168-1(rev 0)

Daddy sat down and peeled an apple to eat. Andrew enjoyed playing with the “snake!”

DSC01164-1(rev 0)

On to letter B!! I have some fun activities planned!!

-I am going to try to get a tab for the letter activities soon!

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