Saturday, June 9, 2012

Letter of the Week: A is for Alligator

Andrew had a great time making his first letter of the week craft! Check it out here! We did our second craft yesterday with an alligator!
For this activity you will need scissors, glue, construction paper, letter A with 2 triangles (I used a ruler to draw mine), and on the back I drew some triangles for the teeth.
DSC01110-1(rev 0)          DSC01111-1(rev 0)
First Andrew colored the A. We talked about coloring inside the lines and he did pretty well. I cut the letter out and added the eyes.
DSC01113-1(rev 1)
I then showed him the triangles and he counted them as I cut them out. I added drops of glue for the teeth and he placed the teeth on the alligator.
DSC01123-1(rev 1)
He was so proud!
DSC01125-1(rev 1)
I still had his attention, so I wrote the letter A a few times. I wasn’t interested in trying himself, but he did attempt it the day before.
DSC01126-1(rev 1)
This was easy and super cute!
DSC01129(rev 1)

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