Saturday, June 9, 2012

Play Date

I LOVE summer time!! Being a teacher I of course am off during the summer, so this is always my favorite time of the year! However, usually by the end of the summer I ready to get back into a work routine. Right now I am savoring some time with friends. I net up with two of my good friends to let our kids have some fun together. We went to a local state park playground. The kids had so much fun!

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I LOVE this picture!

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Abigail enjoyed catching up on her sleep! She went for a weight check yesterday and went from birth-9lbs, 1 week- 8 lbs 12oz, to 3 weeks- 10 lbs 7 oz. She is a big girl!!

DSC01107-1(rev 1)

We stopped by Wendy’s and grabbed some food…The kids were so good and had such a great time!

DSC01108-1(rev 1)

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