Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Loving

I am loving my maternity/summer break!

We met up with Amy, Dylan, Kim, and Claire at a park. I didn’t manage to take any pictures because we walked on a trail most of the time. It was HOT, but still fun!
This is the only picture I took. Me, with two kids in tow. I still have to get use to that! Good thing this picture was taken before because I was a hot mess when we got home! Humidity and sweat do not mix!LOL!
DSC01182-1(rev 1)

We have had a lot of rain lately. This beautiful rainbow was the aftermath one evening.

DSC01177(rev 1)

Today we have been lazy at home. Andrew has yet to take off his PJ’s and I am just fine with that!
DSC01183-1(rev 1)
                   DSC01186-1(rev 1)
This girl’s hair is out of control!!
DSC01187-1(rev 1)
I finally got some pillows that ordered through Very Jane. They came from lookherejane and I LOVE them! I have wanted to add more color to the living room and this did just that! Very Jane is actually have the same deal right now! The pillows are made with thick high quality fabric. They are normally around $35 a piece.
DSC01200-1(rev 1) DSC01201-1(rev 1)DSC01202-1(rev 0)                 DSC01203-1(rev 0)
Have a great weekend! Meghan, Andrew can’t wait for the b-day party!


Carrie said...

oh those pillows are cute!!!!!!!!

J said...

LOL @ her hair! I love the photo of her in Andrew's lap. :-)