Friday, July 6, 2012

Bathroom Tour

On with the tour! This week Kelly is featuring bathrooms. I have two full baths and a powder room. We went from one to 2 1/2 when we added on. Love it,but more toilets and showers to clean!

First up is the powder room. It is right off of the living room. It is small, but serves a purpose. Basically it is Andrew’s bathroom for using the potty! LOL!

DSC04812-1(rev 1)

DSC04815-1(rev 1)

I have since added a shelf under this picture, but that is about it. I would love to change the color in here one day.

DSC04814-1(rev 1)

Next up is the Master Bath. This is one of my favorite rooms that we added on. I LOVE the color, but I do not remember what it is. I know!

DSC04826-1(rev 1)

The shower is my favorite part!

DSC04827-1(rev 1)

DSC04831-1(rev 1)

DSC04832-1(rev 1)

DSC04834-1(rev 1)

Lastly is Andrew and Abigail’s bathroom. It is upstairs and was recently repainted. We have a lot more projects in here, but this is how it will be for awhile.

DSC00651-1(rev 1)

DSC00653-1(rev 1)DSC00659-1(rev 1)

DSC00662-1(rev 1)

In the future, we will either retile or fix the current tile. It was never sealed properly and the grout is starting to come up. We will also add a double sink vanity and of course mirror. We took it down when we painted.

DSC00664-1(rev 1)

I hope you enjoyed this tour!


Mandy said...

I could not be more jealous of your master's HUGE!

Becca said...

Gorgeous! I feel envy, that is my dream bathroom.But you did a great it!!

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