Friday, July 6, 2012

How to Decorate a Small Hallway/More Hair

I have this awkward small hallway going from my living room to the master bedroom. For the longest time it was completely empty. I looked really sad! I then added this chair, but alone it was too blah! I recently went into our attic and came across an old cheapo shelf that was black. I knew the black wasn’t going to work, so I spray painted and added some glaze to give it a more aged look.
DSC01661-1(rev 1)DSC01662(rev 1)
I stole the pillow from my couch and the wreath from my bedroom door. I lightly painted the “B” with the same spray paint (Krylon’s Bahama Sea  in Gloss) and did a dry wash with some white paint. Basically I slapped on white painted with a brush and took some off with a paper towel. The shell is from our honeymoon and has had many different homes. The vase on the floor is from Pier 1 and I purchased it about 7 years ago.
DSC01664(rev 1)DSC01665-1(rev 1)
DSC01667-1(rev 1)DSC01668(rev 1)
I am loving this look!! By the way, I took this picture on Thursday and the loose curl look is still going strong!! I am LOVING only washing my hair twice a week. I do have to add that I could not do this a few years ago. With age comes a less oily scalp. Yay for being old! Also dry shampoo is my best friend. If you have not tried it, you must!! I use Tresmmee’ (sp?) or Suave. All can be found at Wal-mart or Target.
DSC01672(rev 1)           DSC01673-1(rev 1)
As I said before, I am getting my hair trimmed and highlighted this Saturday and I am seriously thinking about getting bangs. Bangs are a serious commitment! I had them several years ago and I loved them. However, I ended up growing them out. What do you think?
Emma Stone I Love bangs!bangs bangs bangs!bangs bangs bangs?


Meg said...

Love the new look! It's so personal and creative. I'm loving all the new spray paints out too! Makes me want to go spray paint crazy in the house ;)

Maria Mendez said...

Great job on the hallway, and great blog. I wanted to spruce up my hallway so I pilfered some decorative cabinet hardware that I had ordered for my kitchen and managed to make it work as a hallway closet door.