Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to Organize DVD’s

We had a problem…

DSC01761-1(rev 0)DSC01762-1(rev 0)DSC01763-1(rev 0)

Yes they may look nice and neat, but that is not the norm. Andrew’s DVD’s were in 3 different places in our house. It was NOT working. I found this small CD case the other day and knew I had a solution. All of his DVD’s fit into this small case! Now he can carry them wherever he wants!

DSC01765(rev 0)

The best part was throwing away all of the cases! I know some of you are cringing! Why throw out the case? Well I am the opposite of a hoarder…I am a thrower outer! It felt so good!

DSC01764(rev 0)

While I was on a roll, and both kiddos were sleeping, I tackled the junk drawer.

It was a sight to see!

DSC01758-1(rev 0)

DSC01759-1(rev 0)

How do you store your DVD’s? Please tell me your junk drawers looks like mine did before. Smile


Melissa said...

We keep them in a CD/DVD book too, but I keep the cases- I just pack them up, so I can re-sell them at the children's consignments sales I participate in.

Carrie said...

haha I am the same way I will throw away anything! Well almost anything lol

J said...

I throw everything away. Stephen can't stand it! & my junk drawer(s) [we have two in the kitchen, yikes!] look worse than yours.