Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Loose Curls

I have been loving the looks of all the celebs with the big loose curls, but I could never mimic the look. Well good ole’ Pinterest saved the day! I found 2 great tutorials! They are both very similar,but the second tells you to add mouse to each strand before you curl. That really made the difference. This look is suppose to last several days, so we will see. It was more time consuming than I am used to spending on my hair, but it will be worth it if it really last.
Tutorial from Pink Pistachio
Tutorial from CaraLoren’
This was my first time trying this technique, so I am hoping it will look better next time.
DSC01510(rev 1)                       DSC01511(rev 1)           me3
Let me know if you try this!! It is funny how my hair looks a different color in every picture! Speaking of color...I am getting a trim and highlights this Saturday! I am super excited!! I haven't colored my hair in over 5 years. It is time a for a change!


Shellabelle said...

Very pretty!

Megan Morris said...

I did the tutorial from Cara Loren' today, too! I think this will be my new go-to hairstyle!

Amy said...

Robyn you are beautiful!!!!