Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Smiles

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We tried to stay inside most of the weekend and sadly did not attend any 4th fourth activities. It is WAY too hot to get a baby out. We did get up bright and early Saturday and headed to Sam’s and Target. I am glad I do not have a Target nearby! They have the CUTEST girl clothes for Abigail. Luckily they are very well priced! I bought her several 6 month outfits because I do not think she will be in 3 month clothes much longer. It is crazy how different her and Andrew are. He has always went into the next size when he was that age. Not Miss Priss!

DO you see any similarities? These are not the best pictures to compare. They both have those chubby cheeks!

     Andrew at 2 months                                                                   Abigail at 5 Weeks

2 months                          image

We managed to make it to church today! YAY! The attendance very low this week. I am assuming a lot of folks are on vacation for the 4th. It was a great service though!

DSC01454-1(rev 1)         DSC01463(rev 1)

Happy Sunday!

DSC01464(rev 1)

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