Saturday, July 14, 2012

Whatcha Wearing Wednesday Preview


I have a proposition for my fellow bloggers! A couple of years ago I did Whatcha Wearing Wednesday (not sure if I called it that, but it has ring to it). Now that I am out of the AWFUL! maternity clothes, I would love to get back into fashion. I am for sure not a fashionista, but I aspire to be sort of one…maybe. I LOVE getting inspiration off of Pinterest, but I would also like to get some from you. Yes YOU! I would for others to show what they are wearing. It could be to work, school, dates, or any where. I am going to show all my looks on Wednesdays from the week. I may show 7 or only 1, it just depends on the week. I also want to add that it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or dolled up. We all like wearing comfy clothes too. Below is an example…

I wore this to a friend’s birthday get together. I usually do not spend a whole lot of money on clothes,but I still want them to look good. The capris are from Old Navy and the shirt was a on clearance in the Juniors section at Belks for $7! That is one tip I have! The Junior’s section is always cheaper. I for sure cannot wear their pants, but the I can wear the shirts.

IMG_0052(rev 1)IMG_0054(rev 1)IMG_0059(rev 1)

I LOVE these shoes and gold is back!

IMG_0058(rev 1)IMG_0057(rev 1)

You totally do not have to do this many picture. This is just to get us going. If I have enough interest I will maybe do a linky party on Wednesdays. Have fun and show us your FASHION!


Amy said...

Great idea. I can't wait to see what everyone shares. Love the outfit you have on! The color of the capris is fabulous! They would also look great with denim or even a light grey with coral necklace! Cute!!!!

Tina Leigh said...

Well I m just gonna send you some of our croaker sacks for pretty as you are, Im sure you would find a way to make me green with envy in one!

Meg said...

you look GREAT! love the outfit and really love the shoes! I can't wait to start participating!

Megan Morris said...

This looks fun! I think I'll join, too!