Saturday, August 25, 2012

Abigail 3 Months


DSC01938-1(rev 1)face 3 DSC01957-1(rev 0)Abigail 3

Abigail turned 3 months on the 17th, so I am FINALLY getting around to writing everything down. She has changed so much this month!

Height/Weight: Not sure???

Diapers: Will soon be moving up to size 2!

Clothes: All size 6 months- still blows my mind!

DSC01936-1(rev 1)     DSC01937-1(rev 1)
Eating: takes 4 ounces about every 3 hours. In the evenings she takes 3 bottles within about 5 hours. She sucks them down! I think we will be moving up to 5 ounces soon. Andrew never went past six the whole time he took a bottle. I think she will surpass that!

Sleeping: She has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks and she is STILL doing it!! If she wakes it is only long enough for me to put the paci back in her mouth. She goes to bed around 8 and I have to wake her at 6 during the week. On the weekends she sleeps anywhere from 7-9am. Unfortunately, Andrew has never gotten the sleeping in on the weekends. He still gets up at 5:30 or 6.

DSC01940-1(rev 1)

Napping: She takes a lot of short naps throughout the day. Every now and then she will sleep for a long stretch. I am totally okay with it because she is not irritable.

Developmental Milestones: She can hold her head up very well, sit with support (boppy, bumbo), rolls from stomach to back, laughs, found her feet, grabs for objects, “plays” with toys.

DSC01911-1(rev 1)      DSC01899-1(rev 1)


DSC01928-1(rev 1)

-Loves her owl!

-Does great when we are out and about! She is now great in the car! Thank goodness!

- She still plays with her hair while eating and going to sleep. So cute!

-Takes a paci only when sleeping

-Smiles ALL the time!

DSC01903-1(rev 1)     DSC01901-1(rev 1)

-Has become a easy baby! Smile

DSC01902-1(rev 1)

Abigail is such a joy! She is the happiest baby! We love her so much and can’t wait to see other milestones in her life.


Tina Leigh said...

She really is a pretty baby and seems very happy.

Meg said...

She's SO super cute!