Monday, August 27, 2012

What a mess!

When I describe Andrew, I usually say he is a mess!! He pushes me to my mental limits daily, he makes me laugh constantly, he remembers everything, he doesn’t let me forget anything, he loves me more than anything, and I love him more back! He has been giving us fits at bath time lately. He has always loved taking a bath and all of a sudden he is terrified! I mean shaking and crying. Nothing has happened..nothing. There is nothing that can explain it, but it stinks for everyone. We have tried taking away things, giving rewards, taking a bath with him, offering a shower instead…NOTHING works! If anyone has any brilliant ideas, please let me know. If you smell a stinky boy next time you are around him, then you will know why.

As difficult as he can be at times, he can be the sweetest thing ever! This was an impromptu photo shoot the other day.

DSC01943-1(rev 1)DSC01947(rev 1)DSC01948(rev 1)DSC01949-1(rev 1)DSC01955-1(rev 1)DSC01956-1(rev 1)

What a MESS!

Andrew has thing about laundry baskets! These pictures just remind how big Andrew is getting!



Anonymous said...

Have you tried bathtub crayons where he can write on the walls or bubbles??? Just a suggestion....


J said...

He looks like he's getting so big; adorable photos!

Put the laundry basket in the tub. ;-) LOL. I really am kidding, but hey, if it would work....

Best of luck!

Meg said...

lol @ J's suggestion.. might work!! All I know is I completely understand. With boys, it's ALWAYS something. If he's not tearing up things, he's developed some crazy new habit that I need to break. It's exhausting. I think they just know how to manipulate us ;)

Becca@Locksmith Brisbane said...

That what makes us our kids do. They still make us happy despite of they pushes us to our mental limits.

Anonymous said...

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