Sunday, September 30, 2012

Abigail 4 Months

Hello!! I am still here! I hardly can find the time to sit, but I finally did! Abigail turned 4 months old on the 17th, so better late than never.

4 Months faceAbigail 4 months

Height/Weight: 15.3lbs (90%) and 25.5 (92%)  inches tall- Andrew was 14 lbs (40 %) and 24 inches long at this same age.

Diapers: Size 2

Clothes: 6 months and some 9 months, footed pj’s are 9 months- This is SOOO crazy!

Eating: takes 5 ounces about every 3 hours and began cereal. She loves the cereal and eats it twice a day. We have started introducing sweet potatoes once a day. She is not so sure about this yet, so it is more of a taste test.

Sleeping: She has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks and she is STILL doing it!! If she wakes it is only long enough for me to put the paci back in her mouth. She goes to bed between 7-8. She has a cold right now, so the sleep has been off. She wakes up coughing a lot. No sleep for mommy! She is still not waking to eat!

DSC02099-1(rev 1)DSC02100-1(rev 1)


Napping: She takes a lot of short naps throughout the day. Every now and then she will sleep for a long stretch. I am totally okay with it because she is not irritable.

Developmental Milestones: She can hold her head up very well, sit with support (boppy, bumbo), rolls from stomach to back, laughs, found her feet, grabs for objects, “plays” with toys. This is the same as last, but now she is playing in her excersaucer and LOVES it! She will sitting unsupported before we know it!


DSC02064(rev 1)

Still loves her owl toy!

Sleeps with a paci, but doesn’t want it when she is awake.

Is known for being a very happy baby.

Smiles ALL the time.

DSC02065(rev 1)

Has really started to notice Andrew and loves for him to be near.

Makes lots of noises and will sing along with you.

I can’t believe how big she is getting!! We love her more than anything!

DSC02058-1(rev 1)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update on Andrew and the Bath Tub

Wow! We had a rough 2 weeks with Andrew not wanting to take a bath. He was scared to death! The main part was washing his hair. Like I said before, we have NO idea what caused this. He has a million bath toys and I bought more. It didn’t help. We started washing his hair while he was standing with a towel over his face. That helped, but he would still cry the whole time. Finally I went to the Dollar Tree and saw bubble bath. I bought it and BAM! magic! He is back to taking a bath. I wish all things were as easy as buying something for $1. He still doesn’t LOVE to wash his hair, but he will. He doesn’t like the water going in his ears. ??? I am just as confused, but so happy that is over.

IMG_0326(rev 1)

It is so crazy all of the stages kids go through. Andrew has gone through a million! I am ready for the fantastic fours!! Smile

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sneak Peak

Andrew and Abigail had pictures made at school this past week. I decided to try out Abigail’s outfit just to make sure it looked right.

Here is a sneak peek! Andrew refused to let me take his picture, so you only get Abigail!

IMG_0307(rev 1)IMG_0308(rev 1)IMG_0311(rev 1)IMG_0313(rev 1)IMG_0314(rev 1)

The outfit and bow came from Zulily. I LOVE that website!! I do not remember exactly which place it came from. This pictures were taken with my phone, but they turned out okay. Of course she totally made the pictures! Smile

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Update

Hello blogging world! I am still SUPER busy with work, 2 kids, a husband, and all the day to day things. I will continue to try and blog when time allows. That doesn’t happen often!

Anyway, this weekend was spent at home. AHHH! That is a sigh of relief. I actually like being on the go, but sometimes you just need a weekend to get things done and play catch up.

Friday after work we met up with Ed, Kim, and Claire to eat some Mexican. It is always fun getting to catch up with friends! We left and finished the night by doing some laundry. I know, I know we are so WILD!

Saturday, Nick spent the morning cutting the grass and I stayed in and cleaned. We laid around the rest of the day. I got some grades put into the computer and graded a few things. We ended the night by ordering pizza and watching the BORING GA game. At least they won!

These were my helpers Saturday morning. Abigail is loving the excersaucer! I just know she would not be tall enough, but boy was I wrong!

DSC02023-1(rev 1)DSC02024-1(rev 1)DSC02029-1(rev 1)DSC02033(rev 1)



Today, we headed to church. I took some CUTE pictures of my matching babies! To say Andrew loves his sister is an understatement!

DSC02037-1(rev 1)           DSC02038(rev 1)DSC02039-1(rev 1)     DSC02040(rev 1)DSC02043-1(rev 1)  DSC02054-1(rev 1)

After church Andrew and I washed my car inside and outside. It needed it so bad! I came in and baked brownies for Andrew’s class at school. They are learning about Fall this week. Fall always makes me think about candy corn……and FOOTBALL!

DSC02057          DSC02056-1(rev 1)

We are now watching the Falcons. Andrew is napping, so Abigail is staying up to watch the game!! The pictures looks like she has on shoulder pads! I can’t believe how long she is!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Abby!

I have always called Andrew, sweet Andrew. I think Abigail will be called happy Abby! I do not plan on calling her Abby, but it just rhymes!

DSC01959-1(rev 1)      DSC01962-1(rev 1)DSC01964-1(rev 1)     DSC01984-1(rev 1)DSC01989-1(rev 1)      DSC02001-1(rev 1)DSC01978-1(rev 1)     DSC02002-1(rev 1)

I think she looks so grown up in these two!

DSC02014(rev 1)         DSC02015-1(rev 1)