Monday, September 10, 2012

Sneak Peak

Andrew and Abigail had pictures made at school this past week. I decided to try out Abigail’s outfit just to make sure it looked right.

Here is a sneak peek! Andrew refused to let me take his picture, so you only get Abigail!

IMG_0307(rev 1)IMG_0308(rev 1)IMG_0311(rev 1)IMG_0313(rev 1)IMG_0314(rev 1)

The outfit and bow came from Zulily. I LOVE that website!! I do not remember exactly which place it came from. This pictures were taken with my phone, but they turned out okay. Of course she totally made the pictures! Smile


J said...

she is SO cute!!!!

Mrs. Ibarra said...

Omg! What a cutie..

Anonymous said...

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