Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update on Andrew and the Bath Tub

Wow! We had a rough 2 weeks with Andrew not wanting to take a bath. He was scared to death! The main part was washing his hair. Like I said before, we have NO idea what caused this. He has a million bath toys and I bought more. It didn’t help. We started washing his hair while he was standing with a towel over his face. That helped, but he would still cry the whole time. Finally I went to the Dollar Tree and saw bubble bath. I bought it and BAM! magic! He is back to taking a bath. I wish all things were as easy as buying something for $1. He still doesn’t LOVE to wash his hair, but he will. He doesn’t like the water going in his ears. ??? I am just as confused, but so happy that is over.

IMG_0326(rev 1)

It is so crazy all of the stages kids go through. Andrew has gone through a million! I am ready for the fantastic fours!! Smile


J said...

didn't he have a water day or something at school? Or maybe I'm thinking of something else. Just thought maybe he had a scare there with water, and has that stuck in his mind. Glad the bubble bath helped!

Becca said...

Maybe there was a time when you bath him you didn't noticed that water slides inside his ear.

Meg said...

Oh Robyn, your pics are so adorable! You inspire me to do better!