Saturday, October 27, 2012

Church Fall Festival

Last Sunday, we had a great time at our church Fall Festival. They had inflatables, a clown, face painting, and food.

Andrew enjoyed coaxing all of the girls to take him down the slides.

IMG_0625(rev 1)IMG_0626(rev 1)

The best part was the clown! She made Andrew, and every boy there, a sword! He was in heaven! Of course, the sword had to have a sword holder.

IMG_0628(rev 1)IMG_0635(rev 1)IMG_0637(rev 1)

Abigail enjoyed chewing on her fingers and watching everyone!

IMG_0636(rev 1)

We are so fortunate to be a part of such a great church!

DIY Canvas Photo

I love canvas photos, but they can be pricey. I have noticed many DIY tutorials on Pinterest and decided to go for it! I had some extra pictures of Abigail’s newborn session lying around. I purchased a 8 x 10 canvas at Hobby Lobby. I already had the Mod Podge and black paint.

I followed the tutorial from Literally Inspired. It was VERY easy.

IMG_0654(rev 1)IMG_0655(rev 1)IMG_0656(rev 1)

This was just practice and it is definitely not perfect. Next time I would paint more than just the edges and paint them first. I would use an exacto knife to cut the picture. From afar it looks fine. It was super cheap! That is always a bonus. I may do more pictures and make a collage in my office space.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Play Room Make Under

We love our extra space upstairs and that it serves many functions. It is a playroom, den, and office. We have not really done a whole lot to the space since adding on to our home. I have moved things around the playroom too many times to count and I never really liked it. It also didn’t function well. Last Sunday, Nick and I cleaned the space. We got rid of some things and shifted the “den” area and playroom area. It is a VERY blank space right now. I have SOOOO many things I want to do. Over time I hope to complete my vision for the space.

Here is what we are working with right now…

This is the play room side. We need to hang our curtains on the French doors. It gets very hot in this space and they help. We took them down when we painted…about a year ago.

IMG_0498(rev 1)

Notice the coffee table? It didn’t fit in the new den space, so we are using it for games. We plan on painting it a fun bright color. Notice the picture above it? Gotta go…

IMG_0499(rev 1)

Right beside this area is the den/tv/video game room. They are both open to each other. Don’t you love our BIG TV? When Christmas rolls around we are going to update our downstairs TV and move our old TV to this space.  Also we have 3 bar stools that go on the bar. They need to be recovered.

IMG_0500(rev 1)

See the ugly TV stand? Gotta go! We are hunting for something else.

IMG_0501(rev 1)

See the office? I have BIG plans in there!

IMG_0502(rev 1)

My handy husband is going to build a window seat (with storage) under this window.

IMG_0503(rev 1)

Welcome to MY office/craft room! This room needs lots of help. It was our old kitchen, so there is tons of storage. That doors leads to the attic. The stairs are still not finished being painted.

IMG_0504(rev 1)

This is a dining room chair. The office chair needs to be recovered and one more coat of paint. I want to add open shelving above the computer. I would also LOVE a pretty rug! This room also needs a new overhead light.

IMG_0505(rev 1)IMG_0506(rev 1)

This is a little hallway that leads from the playroom space to Andrew and Abigail’s bathroom. I removed the door of the closet (that was not being used) and made a little reading nook! LOVE IT! I am going to add a curtain to cover the hinges.

IMG_0507(rev 1)IMG_0508(rev 1)

I would also like to add little shelves inside for books. Andrew already loves this space! When Abigail grows out of her crib, I will use the mattress in here!

IMG_0509(rev 1)

I hope you enjoyed this little tour. I will be updating all of the projects we are going to undertake for this multipurpose space! Can’t wait!

Here is the list of projects:

Hang curtains

Hang curtain in reading nook closet

Recover barstools and desk chair

Add shelves to the office area

Get a rug for the den and office

Add artwork above the TV

Move TV from downstairs

Paint Coffee Table

Build Window Seat

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Birthday Party

Saturday we had the pleasure of celebrating a very special boys birthday. The party was at a nearby pumpkin patch/corn maze. They have tons of things for the whole family and we had a blast!


IMG_0531(rev 1)IMG_0539(rev 1)

Riding the Cow

IMG_0534(rev 1)IMG_0535(rev 1)

Climbing in the hay with daddy

IMG_0541(rev 1)IMG_0545(rev 1)

Playing in the corn with the birthday boy!

IMG_0549(rev 1)IMG_0552(rev 1)IMG_0554(rev 1)

Taking a hay ride and picking out a pumpkin

IMG_0555(rev 1)IMG_0556(rev 1)

Thanks Dylan for a great day of fun!

Friday, October 19, 2012

My Outside Fall Display

Hello everyone! I have an unexpected day off work. Yesterday I came down with the HORRIBLE stomach virus. They are the absolute worse! Of course my shadow is now sick…

IMG_0497(rev 0)

This is the first time is has had the stomach virus and he is just pitiful. Luckily, I am all better and can take care of him. He is laying around, so I thought I would do a little vinyl project. I purchased the Silhouette Cameo before Abigail was born and have had very few opportunities to actually use it.

I have seen these adorable white pumpkins with vinyl letters. I knew I had to try this out!

I started off with two white pumpkins…my favorites!

IMG_0511(rev 1)

Then I cut out the letters “BOO!” and a spider with spider web.

IMG_0512(rev 1)IMG_0513(rev 1)

For the other pumpkin, I put our address numbers and a foliage scroll.

IMG_0514(rev 1)IMG_0515(rev 1)

I love how they turned out! As you can tell I added some ribbon. Ignore my almost dead mums. They were getting too much soon. Anyone have tips on how to keep them looking good?

IMG_0516(rev 1)IMG_0517(rev 1)IMG_0518(rev 1)IMG_0521(rev 1)IMG_0519(rev 1)IMG_0520(rev 1)IMG_0522(rev 1)IMG_0523(rev 1)

This is how the outside originally looked. I wish the mums still looked like that!

IMG_0395(rev 1)

Have a great Friday! I pray we are all better and it does not spread to anyone else!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Babies

I took these about 2 weeks ago and I had to share!

IMG_0398(rev 1)IMG_0399(rev 1)IMG_0400(rev 1)IMG_0411(rev 1)

Much better than the FAILED beach photo. Well back to the real world in the morning…