Friday, October 19, 2012

My Outside Fall Display

Hello everyone! I have an unexpected day off work. Yesterday I came down with the HORRIBLE stomach virus. They are the absolute worse! Of course my shadow is now sick…

IMG_0497(rev 0)

This is the first time is has had the stomach virus and he is just pitiful. Luckily, I am all better and can take care of him. He is laying around, so I thought I would do a little vinyl project. I purchased the Silhouette Cameo before Abigail was born and have had very few opportunities to actually use it.

I have seen these adorable white pumpkins with vinyl letters. I knew I had to try this out!

I started off with two white pumpkins…my favorites!

IMG_0511(rev 1)

Then I cut out the letters “BOO!” and a spider with spider web.

IMG_0512(rev 1)IMG_0513(rev 1)

For the other pumpkin, I put our address numbers and a foliage scroll.

IMG_0514(rev 1)IMG_0515(rev 1)

I love how they turned out! As you can tell I added some ribbon. Ignore my almost dead mums. They were getting too much soon. Anyone have tips on how to keep them looking good?

IMG_0516(rev 1)IMG_0517(rev 1)IMG_0518(rev 1)IMG_0521(rev 1)IMG_0519(rev 1)IMG_0520(rev 1)IMG_0522(rev 1)IMG_0523(rev 1)

This is how the outside originally looked. I wish the mums still looked like that!

IMG_0395(rev 1)

Have a great Friday! I pray we are all better and it does not spread to anyone else!

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