Saturday, October 13, 2012

Myrtle Beach 2012

IMG_0430(rev 1)l

I LOVE fall break!! We left this past Sunday and headed to the beach! This was Andrew’s and of course Abigail’s first time at the beach. I didn’t take enough pictures, but I did get a few good ones. They both did great in the car, but Abigail was having tummy troubles. We didn’t get to do as much as we wanted, but with two little ones we did enough.

There are a ton of of pictures to follow!

Finally Arriving!

DSC02126-1(rev 1)

Great place to stay!

DSC02129-1(rev 1)

First trip to the beach…Abigail was not impressed!

DSC02136-1(rev 1)DSC02139(rev 1)

Aquarium…I was not impressed!

DSC02141(rev 1)DSC02143(rev 1)DSC02144(rev 1)DSC02147(rev 1)DSC02155(rev 1)IMG_0393(rev 1)

Andrew’s favorite part!

IMG_0415(rev 1)IMG_0417(rev 1)

Eating and seeing the sights…

IMG_0419(rev 1)IMG_0420(rev 1)IMG_0421(rev 1)IMG_0422(rev 1)

Andrew loved every moment….

IMG_0425(rev 1)IMG_0433(rev 1)IMG_0431(rev 1)IMG_0435(rev 1)IMG_0449(rev 1)IMG_0450(rev 1)IMG_0456(rev 1)IMG_0465(rev 1)

My attempt at getting a picture of both of them…epic fail!

IMG_0468(rev 1)

Andrew acting silly…He was a monster in most of these…

IMG_0469(rev 1)IMG_0472(rev 1)IMG_0476(rev 1)IMG_0478(rev 1)IMG_0484(rev 1)IMG_0485(rev 1)

Cute as a button!

IMG_0487(rev 1)

We can’t wait for our next adventure! Check out Facebook to all the photos!

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