Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Fun

We have had a lot going on this fall! It has been very busy and fun! We  have had school parties, fall festivals, trick or treating, and birthday parties. I figured I would throw most of this in one big post. I lost my charger for my camera, so sadly these are all taken with my phone.

The Saturday before Halloween, we were invited to join some friends for early trick or treating. We had so much with our group of little ones! They range from 4 months- 3 1/2. They all did so well!!

It was very warm, so Abigail only wore her costume for a short while.

IMG_0670(rev 1)

so cute…so blurry!

IMG_0672(rev 1)IMG_0673(rev 1)IMG_0678(rev 1)IMG_0681(rev 1)IMG_0683(rev 1)IMG_0684(rev 1)

Then Andrew had a Halloween party at school. He was one of 5 Spiderman’s!

IMG_0732-1(rev 1)IMG_0734-1(rev 1)IMG_0735-1(rev 1)

They even had a trunk or treat in the parking lot!

IMG_0745(rev 1)IMG_0746-1(rev 1)IMG_0747(rev 1)

Halloween night was a little crazy!

IMG_0752-1(rev 1)IMG_0754-1(rev 1)

We stopped by Pop and Grammies…

IMG_0756-1(rev 1)

Then we headed to Trunk or Treat at church (sadly no pictures!), my parents (again no pictures), and then a sweet coworkers house. By that time it was around 8:30 and everyone was tired and cranky. I was probably the worse! HA! I hate I got so few pictures, but I was holding Abigail most of them time. I have the memories!

Abigail wore her Halloween bib while eating her favorite- sweet potatoes!

IMG_0770-1(rev 1)IMG_0771-1(rev 1)

Lastly, we ended the weekend with a Fall Festival at the school that I teach at. I was running one of the games and Andrew tagged alone to “help.” The game beside us was a football toss. Andrew was an expert by the time we left!


IMG_0776-1(rev 1)

I would like to say things are going to slow down, but that is sooo not going to happen!

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