Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Little Turkeys!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a great day of eating and spending time with family. Before we left for my parents I took some pictures of my little turkeys!

We started off inside…She hated the rocking chair!

DSC02268-1(rev 1)DSC02272-1(rev 1)DSC02278(rev 1)DSC02282(rev 1)

We headed outside and the fun began! Abigail is not looking at me in almost every picture. She was way too interested in the leaves.

DSC02287-1(rev 1)DSC02290(rev 1)

Eating them was the best part!

DSC02302(rev 1)DSC02303(rev 1)DSC02305(rev 1)DSC02315-1(rev 1)DSC02317-1(rev 1)

I finally convinced Andrew to join us…he is a mess!

DSC02318-1(rev 1)DSC02321-1(rev 1)DSC02328-1(rev 1)DSC02331-2(rev 1)DSC02334-2(rev 1)

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend. We are in full cooking mode. We have our annual dinner with friends tonight.

DSC02262(rev 1)

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