Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Tricks

Andrew recently went through another big boy event. This one was a long time coming. At Andrew’s preschool they are only allowed regular cups. No straws or sippy cups. Andrew has used a straw cup for a very long time now. We thought he was physically having a hard time drinking from a regular cup. His teacher and I both tried. Okay…maybe I didn’t try that hard. I finally said enough was enough. I was mean mama and threw away ALL of his cups and straws. Guess what? He has been drinking from a normal cup ever since. It seems like we both just needed some motivation!

He is so proud of himself!

DSC02163-3(rev 1)DSC02164-1(rev 1)

Abigail has been enjoying picking up puffs during dinner time.

DSC02167(rev 1)

Her BIG trick is sitting on her own!! She is sitting unsupported for the most part. I still do not leave her sitting by herself because she will go to reach for something far awhile and fall over. She looks like such a big girl! I think she is going to be a mover and a shaker. Andrew was not sitting this well until he was close to 6 and a half months. She is still 5 months.

DSC02171-1(rev 1)DSC02173(rev 1)DSC02174-1(rev 1)DSC02179-1(rev 1)

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