Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The holidays always make me think about traditions. They make me think about old traditions, new ones, and ones I would love to start. Thanksgiving is filled with traditions. As a child, we always watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and had a family meal. That will remain a tradition this year. Nick has cooked for our friends at Thanksgiving for several years…again this tradition will continue. My mom and I have went shopping with all the other crazy folks on Black Friday…and we will again this year.

Traditions are fun and usually make us feel good. Abigail may be the last grandchild to undergo a sort of ritual at my parents. They have a groovy 70’s highchair that was originally purchased for my oldest sister. My sisters and I have all used the highchair and so have our kids.

Now it is Abigail’s turn.

IMG_0784(rev 1)IMG_0785(rev 1)

I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with traditions that will be continued and passes along.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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