Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringing in the New Year!

Yesterday we went sweet Claire’s 2nd birthday party. She is a New Year’s eve baby…how much fun will that be when she is 21! Abigail and Andrew had a great time playing with all of her toys! Andrew was too busy for pictures!


She the look on her face? This is the “let be get down!” face. She is on the move and ready to explore. She has been so busy and into things lately.


This is her this morning. She is was ready to get into something! She hates to be on her stomach, so she chooses to scoot around on her butt. So funny! I do need to document that last week she started waving, clapping, and saying dada! She has said dada about 20 times now, so I think it is officially her first word. I thought it was just her saying sounds at first, but it isn’t. She says it when she sees Nick. Andrew said mama first, so I will let Nick have this one. Argh! Lol!


I also want to give a sleep update. She is still sleeping in her crib at night and for all naps. The one problem we are having is keeping her asleep. She takes a paci and every time it falls out she wakes up crying. Last night I was not in the mood to get up for the 10th time to put in a paci. I have to walk across the house and up a set of stairs. I finally just let her cry in the middle of the night and she finally went to sleep. She ended up sleeping better and didn’t wake again! Hallelujah! Tonight we will continue our routine, but we are not going in to return the fallen paci. Wish us luck! I am so glad we are doing this while we are off work.

Tonight we are going to have a low key night. We plan on shooting a few fireworks for Andrew and calling it a night! Stay safe everyone!

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Nick’s dads birthday is on New Year’s Day, so we decided to take him out to eat at a Hibachi Japanese restaurant. Andrew had a great time watching the man cook!

This is Abigail before we left. She is finally feeling much better!



At the restaurant Abigail enjoyed playing with the menu and eating rice!


Andrew was front and center!


It was a great night! I also finally got the sushi I have been wanting for quite awhile! Delish!

Happy Birthday Pop!

Saturday, December 29, 2012


We all need it, but most do not get enough. I was not getting enough. A change had to happen and quick.

Abigail was outgrowing her pack and play. She would sleep in it for a few hours at night and that was it. She was slowly easing her way into our bed. I have been down that path with Andrew. He slept with us until he was 18 months old. I didn’t mind with him because he actually slept well in our bed and never really moved during the night. Abigail was not sleeping well in our bed. A change was coming….LOL!

3 nights ago we were determined Abigail was going to sleep upstairs in her crib. This is the AMAZING progress in only 3 nights. Let me start off by saying that Abigail rarely took naps in her crib. Her crib was almost foreign to her. She was napping in her pack and play in our room. Having a little brother constantly moving around did not lend itself to a good restful nap.

Night 1: Abigail was sick…what was I thinking?! She was very congested and coughing. We started our new bedtime routine of bath, bottle, lay down. We laid her down and she cried hysterically…I mean really bad. I let her cry for 15 mins and went in to rock her. Laid her down again and then the same hysterical cry. This went on for about 2 hours. Then I gave up…she was sick and I believe scared of the new room.

Day 2: Abigail took short naps in her crib, but cried for at least 10 mins each time.

Night 2: The routine remained the same- bath, bottle, lay down. She cried again…for 30 solid minutes. This was the hardest thing ever! She was on medicine now and the coughing was gone. I watched her in the monitor the entire time, so I know she was fine. She fell asleep and slept for a few hours. She woke every 2 hours crying. I would go in and give her the paci back. She would see me and start crying. So hard! Finally around 4am, I picked her up and gave her a bottle. We than slept on the couch till 8am.

Day 3: Abigail took all naps in her crib and only cried for maybe 5 mins. Sometimes she didn’t cry at all. Her naps were getting longer.

Night 3: We continued the routine. Nick gave her the bottle and laid her down with NO crying!!! She slept from 7:30-2 am. She couldn’t find her paci, so I went up and gave it back to her. She saw me and did not cry! She turned over and went back to sleep. Miracle! She had restless sleep for the next several hours. Not really crying, but whining and moving around a lot. I picked her up and fed her around 5am.

Day 4 (today): So far, things are going great! She is on her second nap. She is no longer crying and sleeping for a couple hours at a time.

I am so glad we did this! I think it is better for the both of us. I wish I would have done it earlier. I hope that tonight continues to get even better.

New Curtains

We have finally gotten around to buying and hanging curtains. I didn’t mind not having curtains at first because we have no neighbors. We can see no house and no house can see us. However, the sun will blind you during the day. It was almost impossible to sit on the couch during the day. So insert curtains!

These are the living room curtains. I purchased them at Lowes and I LOVE them. It really finishes off the room and adds some color.


I also decided to add some on the French doors off the kitchen. See the decorative scroll thing above the door? Now I am going to have to change that out. The rod is covering most of it now.


I wish I would have put them up earlier! What do you think?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Best of 2012- Year in Review

2012 in Review

I can’t believe that I posted 210 times this year! We had a lot going on this year. We worked hard to decorate our new addition and added another addition with sweet Abigail. I had many projects that I completed, but many more that never happened. I have included pictures of some of my favorites of the year.

Going from top clockwise:

2012 Classroom Tour- I love my classroom this year I have not changed much since August.

Chair cushion make over- I am still so in love with the fabric I found!

Repurposed Can- I love how this turned out…from almost trash to great organizational tool!

3 Tiered Planter- I was inspired by Pinterest and created my own…too bad the plants didn’t last.

Small Hallway- I love how this small little hallway got a whole new look.

Dry Erase Menu- This little project changed our life. We still use it weekly to help plan and stay on track with cooking at home more.

Abigail’s Nursery- This was a labor of love. I love everything about her room!

Chalkboard Labels- This was a quick and easy item in Abigail’s nursery.

You’re a Star Valentines- These Valentines for my students turned out so cute!


I hope you enjoyed this little year in review! I can’t wait to see what next year holds!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Yummy and Sick


Those two words don’t normally go hand in hand, but today they do.

I have never been a “coffee drinker.” You know the person at work that drinks coffee ALL day and then complains about how awful they feel. Ha! I have not even been the drinker that has a cup or two in the morning. However, when two kids are in the picture, I need a little pick me up. Nick came to the rescue and gave me this SWEET Keurig for Christmas. It came with a variety pack of scrumptious coffee. I have tasted two and I am already hooked. I will now be the person at work trying to find a pot that is still on at noon…okay I am joking.


This poor baby has been sick. She has had a awful cough and a never ending runny nose. I finally caved and took her to the doctor after another sleepless night.  The doctor put her on a liquid z-pack, so I am hoping modern medicine will do the trick.


Nick has been home all week…I am loving it!! We headed to Anderson today to spend some Christmas money. I scored some new curtains for the living room and kitchen. The living room ones are installed and tomorrow the kitchen ones will finish everything off. I am so excited! I wish I had a picture to share, but it is too dark for a good picture. I will share both tomorrow.

With the New Year quickly approaching, I am thinking about goals to set. I have always loved setting goals at the beginning of every year. This year I have quite a few in mind. One involves this blog. I am vowing to try my best to blog each and every day. Of course I know this is far fetched, but I am going to try. I am going to try…really hard. Even if the post is meaningless or extremely short, I will post. I admire all of the bloggers that relentlessly blog day after day. It is such a great source of memories to look back on and that is the reason for me.

Who will join me in this quest? I am also going to try to get better about commenting on blogs. We all need a comment to help us feel like someone is listening. I know I have readers….please leave me a comment to let me know you are here. You do not have to have your own blog to leave comments!

Will you join me?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We had a very busy, but joyful Christmas. With two it only gets better! I decided to do one big long post instead of several. It is loaded with pictures so beware.

Abigail’s wonderful daycare teachers made this for Nick and I…LOVE it! Andrew made many ornaments for the tree. I wish I had pictures to share.

DSC02448-2(rev 1)

Sunday we headed to church for a wonderful service and message…

IMG_1006(rev 0)IMG_1008(rev 1)IMG_1010(rev 1)

Then to my parents to open presents…Andrew had the best faces his year. Andrew’s #1 request this year was a Power Ranger sword. The second picture is him realizing he finally had it!

IMG_1012(rev 1)IMG_1037(rev 1)IMG_1042(rev 1)IMG_1043(rev 1)IMG_1053(rev 1)

Christmas Eve we went to my grandparents for dinner and more presents! No pictures…


Christmas morning started early! Abigail woke at 5:30, so I snapped this picture before the chaos.

IMG_1067(rev 0)

Andrew quickly heard the comotion and headed downstairs. He was SOOOO excited this year!

IMG_1070(rev 1)

Opening his stocking

IMG_1073(rev 1)

Opening more gifts

IMG_1079(rev 1)IMG_1081(rev 1)

IMG_1084(rev 1)IMG_1090(rev 1)IMG_1093(rev 1)IMG_1097(rev 1)IMG_1104(rev 1)

Abigail was more interested in the wrapping paper.

IMG_1108(rev 1)IMG_1088(rev 1)

We played for a few hours and then got breaksfast ready. This is a tradition that we started last year. My parents and Nick’s parent joined us.

IMG_1126(rev 1)IMG_1128(rev 1)IMG_1130(rev 1)IMG_1137(rev 0)

Then we played some more…and took some much needed naps.

IMG_1141(rev 0)

Then we headed over to Nick’s parents for the final celebration.

IMG_1148(rev 0)IMG_1167(rev 0)

Now my living room looks like a toy store exploded.

IMG_1166(rev 0)

We are going the rest of the week off from work and hopefully get the house back together.