Sunday, December 2, 2012

Breakfast with Santa

Today at church Santa paid a visit. Santa is still Andrew’s FAVORITE person!! I got some really sweet pictures. Andrew just laid his head on him and listened. Abigail was enthralled!

DSC02360-2(rev 1)DSC02361-2(rev 1)DSC02362-2(rev 1)DSC02364-2(rev 1)DSC02369-2(rev 1)

Andrew tried to help his friend Dylan. I didn’t seem to help!

DSC02371-2(rev 1)

Andrew and Dylan did enjoy a doughnut, coloring, and a story.

DSC02372-2(rev 1)DSC02380-2(rev 1)

What a great start to the holiday season!

Pictures with the same Santa last year and the year before!

DSC06250(rev 1)DSC02716-1(rev 1)


J said...

that's my favorite Santa! He was a church member with my grandmother for years, and a customer at the pharmacy for years after that. He uses rollers in his beard. ;-) Cute photos!

Meg said...

lol at the rollers, Jamie!

too cute, you're lucky that neither were screaming! My, how Andrew has turned into such the little boy this last year! You can really see that in the photo comparison.

Anonymous said...

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