Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back to Reality

Tomorrow is the dreaded day back to work! I have LOVED being home with Nick and my babies. I am going to miss them so terribly! We have two work days and then the kids come back on Friday. I hope to spend those two days getting my room cleaned and organized. I always like to move my desks around to give the kids a new perspective for the new year.

The new year brings back television shows and I am sooo excited about a few!

My new FAVORITE show is Downton Abbey!!! If you have not watched season 1 and 2 you must! They are both on Hulu.

The Bachelor also starts back up! Do you see the blurred face? What is that all about? Excited!

Parenthood starts back up tonight. I love this show! It covers so many subjects and makes me tear up every time!

I have many more, but those are my faves right now.

What shows are you excited about?

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Meg said...

lol at the girl in the pageant style dress and the one in a wedding gown looking dress. Looks like this season is going to be FULL of entertainment! yes!