Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quiet Time/Abigail’s New Ride

I greatly enjoyed having two work days at school. We have been without these for several years due to furloughs. Having quiet time in my room is priceless! I got so much accomplished! I decided to take a half way through the year pictures of my room. You can see the beginning of the year here.

I haven’t changed much, but it is so clean!!

IMG_1269IMG_1270IMG_1271 IMG_1272


Notice the papers on the desk? These are New Year’s Resolution webs! I love having my students create goals/resolutions every year. It is amazing what they can come up with at only 10 years old.


On a completely new subject, Abigail is in a BIG car seat now! She was simply outgrowing her carrier car seat. The straps were pulled out as far as possible and they were squeezing her. Doesn’t she look like such a big girl! Now her and Andrew can see each other better. He will just talk and talk to her!

IMG_1279             IMG_1280IMG_1281

Speaking of Miss Abigail, she is going to be a mess! She is really starting to scoot and get around. She is already trying to open cabinets. We NEVER had to even think about putting latches on the cabinets with Andrew. He was just not that child, but guess who is!? He never seemed interested and she is at 7 months. Trouble!

IMG_1284                 IMG_1290IMG_1292

I believe the best Christmas money was spent on this. She loves it! She doesn’t look very happy here. She was not happy to be stuck in the door. LOL!


To all my teacher friends- have a great day back tomorrow!


Melissa said...

My now 4 yo HAD to get into my cabinets... So we latched them all but one and I moved all my "Tupperware" to that one that wasn't latched and let him have at it... He had the best time... He could play in the kitchen while I was cooking and me not have to worry about hovering over him... And we got some pretty cute pics when he realized he could fit inside the cabinet!!

Carrie said...

she is so cute!!!

Robyn Beele said...

Melissa that is a really good idea! I may have to try that sooner than later!

Anonymous said...

I totally get the peaceful feeling of being in a quiet classroom!! I didn't get quite as much accomplished due to training and meetings, but it's better than nothing! Happy 2nd Semester!!