Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Relief, Hair, and Coffee

I am so relieved that Abigail is on the mend. She slowly getting back to her normal self. She is still not breathing like normal, but her mood has greatly improved. I will be staying home with her again tomorrow and hopefully she will be back to daycare on Thursday.

I loved seeing her smile again today!


She wants to crawl so bad!



I got a haircut today! I really needed my ends cut off. They were looking rough. I still need to wash it myself and style. You know what I mean? It is not the same when someone else does it. I did have someone new cut my hair and I LOVED her! She did a great job!




Can I just say that I am so lucky!? I have two wonderful children that I just adore!


Do you see Abigail grabbing Andrew’s mouth? He was sticking out his tongue and I guess she didn’t like it. I can tell they are going to be great friends when they are older!


Last tidbit of the day…I am loving my daily coffee.

I bought this travel mug for $1 at The Dollar Tree!!!


I am in love with this brand of coffee!! So good!


What is your favorite coffee?

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BK said...

Glad she's feeling better!