Monday, January 7, 2013


Well Monday has started off with a bang. We are in full safety mode at school. All doors (classroom and outside) are to remain locked at all times. Carrying a key around my neck will have take some getting use to. The fact that I have to lock myself and my students in a room well take some getting use to. I hate every bit of this, but I know sadly that it is needed. My kids keep asking me why the doors have to be locked. I simply tell them for safety reasons. They are baffled and they should be. I never had to deal with this as a child and it is scary to think what my children and their children will have to face. Sorry for the sad and low key post. Some days are just not fun. We did have a great lesson on coordinate graphs and classifying living things. That is the only thing I should have taught today. I should not have to teach how to stay safe from crazy people.


Anonymous said...

Ugh!!! Makes for an interesting day when a child has a restroom emergency!


Funny Guy's Wife said...

You are so right, it is scary to think of what future generations will have to face. Hope all of you will be able to adjust to all of these changes!

Robyn Beele said...

Oh no Tracy! I am sure it does! We don't have many of those in 5th grade...thank goodness! Kim, thanks!

Anonymous said...

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BK said...

I kinda like this idea. I'd support metal detectors too. These babies need protecting.

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