Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Sweetness

I have talked about how much I love Sunday before, but here I go again! I just really love Sundays! I always TRY to most things completed (laundry, house cleaning, clothes picked out for the week, etc.) on Saturday. That way Sundays can be all about church and family time.

Let me back up…Yesterday we braved the cold for some vitamin C. It was cold, but Andrew needed to release some energy.


This is before church. Abigail was being super silly!


After church we had lunch, cuddled, and watched football! I am disappointed the Falcons are not playing this week. However, that just means they are so good they didn’t need to!!

Look at those shoes and that belly!



Andrew is in the “You are not taking my picture!” stage. Every time his sees my phone or camera, he hides.

I also have to share that I am beginning to dabble in couponing. It is so darn complicated! I would recommend Southern Savers website. They match deals with coupons to get the most savings possible. I also have an app called Ibotta. If you buy certain items, you get money back. They put the money into your paypal account. I bought two items yesterday and got $2. It is a start I guess. My goal is to be more aware of how to save money and take advantage of deals that stores have.

Do you coupon?


Meg said...

Ugh, I've tried couponing but it's so time consuming and overwhelming and I found I bought stuff I didn't need because I thought it was a good deal, make sense? But I should try again. I loathe going grocery shopping and spending a ton of money for a whoe lotta nothing! Keep me posted!

Amy said...

I downloaded the ibotta app about two weeks ago. I haven't had time to sit and look or use it, but it seems to be very user friendly.

Robyn Beele said...

Amy it really is easy! Meg I understand what you are saying.

Amanda said...

I took a couponing class about two years ago, practiced it for about a year, but then life got in the way and I stopped clipping coupons. It really is time-consuming, and even though I saw results on my grocery store receipts, I never saw much of a difference in our bank account. And I'm with did seem like I was buying stuff that we didn't really need just because I had a coupon for it (or got it for free). It's amazing how much money some people can save at the store, but I just never got the hang of it and don't have that kind of discipline. If I can find my notes from the coupon class anytime soon, I'll try to send them your way! Good luck!