Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Update

So I have a been a little busy with life. Wow sometimes it can really sneak up on you! It was so warm and nice this weekend, so we spent a lot of time outside. How many weekends in January will you have 70 degree weather? Love it!
Saturday morning was spent getting Andrew a hair cut. It needed one so badly. He went to a new lady and she did such a great job! Because Andrew did such a good job, we headed to The Dollar Tree for a treat! He actually tried to convince me to let him get this zombie mask!
I thought the dinosaur was pretty cute. He ended up with a plastic bow and arrow. Yes he is ALL boy!
This is happy Abigail doing what she does best! Little did I know that she would start feeling really bad the next day.
Andrew and I had some nice one on one time together after church Sunday.
Someone doesn’t think that he needs a nap anymore. We try not to push it because sometimes he is fine without it. Sometimes you look over and he has passed out in the floor. He slept here all the way through the Falcons game. By the way, GOOOOO Falcons!! The game almost gave me a heart attack!
Sunday afternoon, Abigail started to not act like herself. She slept a lot, but not a good sleep. She was very restless and clingy. I knew something was wrong. This morning she was not feeling well at all. I decided to stay home and take her to the doctor.  Good thing I did…she is a very sick baby. As soon as the doctor listened to her lungs he knew something wasn’t right. He said she had an infection in both lungs and need heavy antibiotics or it would turn into pneumonia quickly. She has been sleeping all day. The medicine is making her very cranky. I have a feeling it is going to be a long night.
I got very few smiles from her today. This smile happened when Andrew got home. She loves that boy! She actually started squealing when she saw him!
This is all I got from Andrew today. LOL!
On a more happy note…I am getting my hair cut tomorrow! YAY!

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Meg said...

Wow, glad you took her in! Mama's always know, right?! You can tell she doesn't feel well :( Hope she's better now!