Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Update

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a busy one!

Friday we stayed at home and even cooked! We always go out or get something to go on Friday evenings, but we just weren’t up to it. We did have a fun bath time! We always get a  bath around 7:00, I rock Abigail, and put her down. It is my favorite part of the day.

IMG_1464(rev 1)           IMG_1465(rev 1)

These two are the best of friends. I love seeing them interact. I hate it when people tell me to just wait…they will be fussing before you know it! What if they don’t? I am sure they will at times, but I have high hopes that they will always be there for one another.

Saturday we headed out to do some much needed shopping. We racked up some good deals at Target. We almost did all of our grocery shopping there. We then headed to Five Guys. It was so yummy! Andrew devoured the hot dog and Abigail loves the hamburger meat and fries.

IMG_1484(rev 1)                   IMG_1485(rev 1)

Lastly, we headed to Sam’s for more groceries and formula. Then it was home for some much needed down time, clean the house, and do the laundry.

That evening we went outside for some playtime.

IMG_1501(rev 1)IMG_1503(rev 1)IMG_1512(rev 1)

Abigail loved watching the boys play. I can’t wait till she can walk and join in on the fun.

IMG_1513(rev 1)

Sunday was the big game! We decided to have some friends over to watch the game.

This is before everyone came over. Andrew was being super silly and Abigail was playing with her favorite new toy!

DSC02492-2(rev 1)DSC02493-2(rev 1)DSC02466-2(rev 1)DSC02474-1(rev 1)DSC02479-1(rev 1)


The kids had such a great time playing outside.

DSC02503-1(rev 0)DSC02505-1(rev 1)DSC02506-2(rev 1)DSC02507-2(rev 1)DSC02508-2(rev 1)

The Falcons did not win, but it didn’t stop us from having a great time!


Amy said...

We had so much fun. Dylan is still asking about Andrew and Claire! I'm sure Andrew and Claire will be best friends always! They both have such sweet personalities. My brother and I fussed VERY few times growing up. We were just like those two, and we are 6 years apart! There is nothing more special about brother/sister love! Thanks for having us over yesterday.

Amy said...

I mean Andrew and Abigail.....oops