Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend Update

I hope everyone had a good week. My week was busy! I am always so glad to see the weekend come!

Friday after work we headed to Tractor Supply to let Andrew pick out a toy. He has a really hard time with leaving me the last month. He cries and and doesn’t want to let me go at daycare, church, or even with our parents. He has went a long time without this being a problem. He got a toy because Friday we finally went in to daycare like a big boy. Of course he will not be getting toy every time, but it has been WEEKS!

After our shopping trip, we headed out to eat. The wait time and service was awful. It was so bad that they gave us several thing for free. Abigail did eat a ton- rice, chicken, quesadilla, etc.! We have yet to find anything she will not eat!

Saturday we headed out have our taxes completed. We forgot a few key pieces so we will have to back again! We had a low key rest of the day. We cleaned, did laundry, and cooked a great supper!

Today we went to church and are now being lazy. My kind of day!!

Here are some pictures from the week.

Heading out to work! Getting two kids and myself ready every morning by 6:50 is crazy! Andrew took the second picture..LOL!


Playing when we get home in the afternoon.


Abigail eating…


Abigail is officially a full on crawler. She still has a hard time on the hardwood floors, but she is moving forward! Some of these pictures will show how much she is in to everything!


Andrew still hates to have his picture made!


This girl is such a hugger!


Have a great week!

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