Sunday, March 3, 2013

Abigail 9 Months

I guess I should call this Abigail 9 1/2 months!

Weight: 22lbs 90%

Diaper Size: 3, but we will be buying 4’s next

Clothes: Moving into 18 month clothes and still a 3 in shoes

Eating: She just recently dropped one bottle during the day, so now we are down to about 5- 5oz. bottles a day. She also has breakfast which consist of oatmeal, grits, or yogurt. Lunch and dinner is usually whatever we are having. For dinner she will also eat a container of baby food. Her favorites are pasta, rice, bread, meat, fruit, and crackers.

Sleeping: We are still following the same exact routine every night. Bath (7-7:20), bottle (7:20-7:40), lay down (around 7:40- 6 am). She has been waking some at night, but we just let her cry and usually it doesn’t last long.

Napping: She takes 2-3 naps a day. They last from 45 mins.-2 hours.

Playing: She is really into pulling things out of baskets and containers. She loves to empty all the books out of the basket. She is outgrowing her excersaucer and would much rather be in the floor.

Developmental Milestones: She has really taken off this month! She is now crawling fast! She just started pulling up on everything!

Talking: I reported weeks ago that she said “Dada.” She said it for a few days and hasn’t said it since. However, she consistently says “hey!” and waves ALL the time! She waves to every person she sees! She will also wave when you tell her bye. She still makes lots of babbling noises and big laughs- same as last month.

Personality: She loves to give me hugs! She will wrap her hands around my neck- so sweet! She is into everything and gets mad when she is told no. She is becoming more and more of a clown and loves to make us laugh!

We love her soooo much!!