Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Big Boy Room

Well Andrew is getting older by the day and will start Pre-K in just a few short weeks. Nick and I have been talking about working on his bedroom for some time. I finally made the plunge and came up with a theme. Since birth, Andrew’s rooms have sported a transportation theme. He is still into that, but superheroes are becoming a new favorite!

I went to Target’s website and found almost everything that we need!! We are not focusing only on Spider Man, but his bed will. Everything should be here today or tomorrow!

Circo® Basic Quilt Set - Blue Spiderman Classic Sheet Set Spiderman Throw - 50x60" Circo® Stripe Window Panel - Blue (54x84") Circo® Boy Mix & Match Pillow - 13x13x3"


Circo® Comic Pillow - 13x13x3" Oopsy Daisy too Comic Wall Art - 21x21"

He is so excited! Swim lesson day 6 went really well! Andrew went under many times and tried to swim under water. I am so proud of him!

WP_20130626_001           WP_20130626_002

Below is Andrew’s swimming companion!


Miss Priss is also growing like a weed! She is still a great eater! She is also talking more and more. She can now say mama, dada, hey, bye bye, Dun Dun (Duncan), Nana (banana), WOW!, Uh Oh!, Yes, No. She has started to shake her head yes in response to a question. She also tries to blow a kiss and loves to play peek a boo!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Swimming Progress and a Returning Favorite

Yesterday was lesson number 5 of swimming lessons and Andrew is doing so well! Lesson 4 was Monday, after 4 days with without lessons, and it was not pretty! Andrew cried every time I put him in the water. Yesterday he did so well! He was back to going in willingly and even going under! He is also super excited about going today and already has his swim trunks on! Kids are so funny about things!

I also want to say that we are all over the stomach virus.. FINALLY! It really lingered around for me. I have not felt like eating until yesterday. I hope not to have that ever again!

One of my all time summer favorites is Big Brother and it starts tonight!! I am so excited! I know it is tv trash, in some people’s opinions, but it is so entertaining! It is also one of the few shows that Nick and I watch together, so that is a plus! Also, Big Brother After Dark is airing on the TV Guide channel this year! It normally airs on Showtime and we do not have that channel. So excited!!

Friday, June 21, 2013


Well the title says it all! It is amazing how quickly things can change. After swim lessons number 2, I started to feel yucky. My stomach and head hurt. I really didn’t think anything of it until later that night. I started to run a low fever and felt horrible! I was up all night tossing and turning and then at 5 am, I had a full on stomach virus. Thanks to my mother-in-law (thanks Trish!), she took the kids to daycare. I laid around all day feeling very awful! By that night, I was feeling much better.

Yesterday, we had a great day! I still felt a little yucky, but well enough to play with these cuties!


Abigail even had her first popsicle and LOVED it!


They even laid down to rest together.


We went to eat at Nick’s parents and neither Andrew nor Abigail ate. This morning Andrew woke and said he didn’t feel good. GREAT! A few minutes later…well you get the picture. Bless his heart! He feels terrible! Abigail is being very fussy, so I am not sure if she is getting sick or not. I am sure it is just a matter of time. She is napping now and I actually got a shower! YAY me!


Andrew is quarantined to this chair for the day. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Swim Lessons Day 2


Day 2 of swimming lessons with another success!! Today they continued to learn how to kick and even went under the water several times while holding their breath!

Look at these two cuties!


Andrew kicking and kicking…


Andrew then got really brave and went down the BIG slide!!


This is just a little tip for parents of little ones. While I was cooking supper, I gave Abigail a Ziploc bag of dried noodles. She played and played with it the whole time!


I made this for supper and it was SOOO good! It looks very ordinary, but it was very creamy! Even Andrew gave it a thumbs up! Click the picture for the link!

Swimming Lessons Day 1

Before we get to the lessons, I will show a few random pictures from today.


My little hydrangea plant is finally starting to grow!


Some family friends cut the fields around our house every summer. I attempted to take a picture of Andrew and Abigail. As you can see, it did not go well!



Andrew kept saying “Argh!” I’m a pirate!


Abigail is starting to take more and more steps on her own! This is how she crawls on the grass!


She is also beginning to talk more and more. She said ball, bye bye, and yes today!


Today was day 1 of swim lessons. I was really worried that Andrew would scream/cry the whole time and have nothing to do with it. Well I was wrong! Andrew loved it!!

This is Andrew at the very beginning. The girl let him kick while she held him. He loved it!


While he waited for his turn, he got play with some friends!


He can’t wait for day 2!