Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Big Boy Room

Well Andrew is getting older by the day and will start Pre-K in just a few short weeks. Nick and I have been talking about working on his bedroom for some time. I finally made the plunge and came up with a theme. Since birth, Andrew’s rooms have sported a transportation theme. He is still into that, but superheroes are becoming a new favorite!

I went to Target’s website and found almost everything that we need!! We are not focusing only on Spider Man, but his bed will. Everything should be here today or tomorrow!

Circo® Basic Quilt Set - Blue Spiderman Classic Sheet Set Spiderman Throw - 50x60" Circo® Stripe Window Panel - Blue (54x84") Circo® Boy Mix & Match Pillow - 13x13x3"


Circo® Comic Pillow - 13x13x3" Oopsy Daisy too Comic Wall Art - 21x21"

He is so excited! Swim lesson day 6 went really well! Andrew went under many times and tried to swim under water. I am so proud of him!

WP_20130626_001           WP_20130626_002

Below is Andrew’s swimming companion!


Miss Priss is also growing like a weed! She is still a great eater! She is also talking more and more. She can now say mama, dada, hey, bye bye, Dun Dun (Duncan), Nana (banana), WOW!, Uh Oh!, Yes, No. She has started to shake her head yes in response to a question. She also tries to blow a kiss and loves to play peek a boo!


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