Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Swim Lessons Day 2


Day 2 of swimming lessons with another success!! Today they continued to learn how to kick and even went under the water several times while holding their breath!

Look at these two cuties!


Andrew kicking and kicking…


Andrew then got really brave and went down the BIG slide!!


This is just a little tip for parents of little ones. While I was cooking supper, I gave Abigail a Ziploc bag of dried noodles. She played and played with it the whole time!


I made this for supper and it was SOOO good! It looks very ordinary, but it was very creamy! Even Andrew gave it a thumbs up! Click the picture for the link!

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Meg said...

I made that, too! It was super yummy. I almost made it again tonight. Lol